About the project

Distance learning course

“Modern Technologies of Social Advertising Production and Promotion”

Main objective of the course: to pass the most efficient Russian and foreign social advertising technologies over to regional partners.

Participants of the course: organizations in the Russian regions interested in getting the most up-to-date information in the sphere of social advertising and, especially in social advertising production and promotion.

This distance learning course is developed and run within the framework of a multisided project “Raising Social Advertising Effectiveness in Russia”. The project’s end of term is the middle of 2010. It aims at creating a stable and developing expert community in Russia in the sphere of social advertising as well as establishing and supporting effective communications between the Russian and foreign social advertising professionals, creation and dissemination of more efficient social advertisements in the regions of Russia.

At the first stage (April 15 – June 1, 2009) of the project an open poll was conducted in order to assess the level of demand in social advertising in various Russian regions. 36 organizations from 23 regions agreed to participate (Republics of Buryatia, Udmurtia and Tatarstan, Altai Region, Primorsky Region, Arkhangelsk Region, Vologda Region, Voronezh Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Kaluga Region, Krasnoyarsk Region, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Novosibirsk Region, Orlov Region, Orenburg Region, Perm Region, Pskov Region, Rostov Region, Tomsk Region, Tver Region, Vladimir Region, Ulyanovsk Region, and St. Petersburg).

The poll indicates a high demand and desire to grip the knowledge of social advertising as an instrument of solving social problems in not less than 11 regions of Russia. Thus, the poll helped identify the regions and organizations representing them, where the request for acquiring knowledge and skills in social advertising are higher than in other regions.

The next stage supposes holding a series of distance videoconferences with the interested regions. There are 3 videoconferences planned by the time being: in September 2009, December 2009 and April 2010.

The first scientific and learning event (videoconference) is scheduled for the first part of September 2009. It will be devoted to the most burning issues of the social advertising development as an instrument of social problems solving in the regions of Russia.

We expect participation of the representatives of the Russian and American advertising community in September 2009. These professionals will discuss the most vital problems of the given regions, share their experience in creation of advertising campaigns and overcoming various difficulties often detaining organizations dealing with production and spreading of social advertising.

Below you will find a pilot description of the first videoconference and the plan of how to get ready to it.


The first videoconference “Social Advertising: experience of USA and Russia”

 (interim results of exchanging experience with the leading experts from Russia and the United States)

Projected duration of the videoconference:  about 1.5 hours

Plan of the videoconference:

  1. Technical check of connection with all participating regions: 15-20 minutes
  2. Introducing experts (Moscow, New York): 5-10 minutes
  3. Short presentations of the participating experts (3-4 appearances lasting 5-7 minutes each): 15-25 minutes
  4. Short introductions and questions of the participants (Russian regions): 20-30 minutes
  5. Closing and summing up results: 10-15 minutes

Participating experts (consent has been received in advance):

  • George Perlov, New York, USA, independent consultant who works with The Advertising Council of the USA
  • Guzella Nikolayshvili, Moscow, author of the textbook “Social Advertising: Theory and Practice”, head of the Internet portal www.socreklama.ru, director of the autonomous non-commercial organization The Laboratory of Social Advertising
  • Evgenia Alekseeva, Moscow, director of the Public Health and Social Development Foundation “FOCUS-MEDIA”
  • Elena Topoleva, Moscow, director of the autonomous non-commercial organization “Agency of Social Information”

It is planned to hold the videoconference in the first half of September 2009. The best time for holding the videoconference is 5 p.m. Moscow time, taken the geography and time difference. The final date and time of the event will be coordinated with the participants.

Minimal technical requirements:

  • A computer with powerful sound and video cards (transmitting to a big screen, if possible), speaker system, microphone, high speed Internet connection, web-camera is desirable, but not required, or connection of a video camera to the computer to transmit the picture.

The Plan of preparation for the videoconference:

  1. Before July 31, 2009 – getting preliminary confirmations from the regions regarding participation in the videoconference, sending out questionnaires to assess technical condition and needs of the participants.
  2. August 1 – August 15, 2009 – collecting completed questionnaires, coordinating technical questions, sending out logins and passwords for the participation, providing technical instructions and software if necessary.
  3. August 17 – August 1, 2009 – final confirmation of the date and time of the videoconference, pilot testing of connection with each region, sending out announcements to the federal and regional mass media, coordination of the protocol and the number of participants from each region.
  4. September 1 – September 15, 2009 – end of preparations, sending out materials, holding the videoconference, asking participants to complete a quick assessment poll.
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