Press-release. February 24-25, 2016. Moscow, Russia

Welcome to the VII international conference: «Improving the efficiency of social advertisement in Russia», which would take place on the 24-25th February 2016 in the House of Commons of Russian Federation.

Already 7 years in a row the platform of the conference accumulates modern tendencies, research, trends and technology of not only Russian, but also worldwide social advertisement. Furthermore it unites the representatives of noncommercial organizations, businesses, federal agencies and specialists in social advertisement for the discussion of the most current problems in this particular sphere and attempts to find effective solutions.

The main feature of the 2016th forum would be the demonstration of new tools, that would be integrated and would improve the effectiveness of social projects. One of them would be the VRability project, where during the preview, participants would be offered the virtual reality glasses.

This year the program of the conference would occur over a two day split. 24th of February would include the roundtable of «Current questions of placement of social advertisement in the information and marketing spheres of modern Russia». Moderator of the roundtable would be S.L. Pisarev - general director of Gazprom-Media.

25th of February - is the official day of the conference that would include the workings of 2 sections: «Social advertisement Science: social models and reality» (moderators - PhD of sociological sciences - O.O. Savelieva, candidate of economical sciences - L.F. Borusyak) and «Innovations in social communications - anticrisis measures» (moderator - senior teacher of Faculty of Communications - R.I. Pogodina), where the most effective projects and technologies would be presented. After the end of the sections, there would a showcase of trailers of Russian and International social adverts.

Representatives of leading noncommercial organizations, federal TV-channels and Russian PR-agencies are invited to participate. 

Conference presentation kit

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