Social value of the project

Information plays an important role in the life of the society now more than ever. People use it to form their lifestyles and learn life. Future social education of citizens depends on the quality of the information.

Very few people understand that social advertising is capable of forming the right values and attitudes in the society. Participation in the struggle against asocial phenomena (alcoholism, drug addiction, compulsive gambling) contributes to planting humanism in the hearts and heads of people and to maintaining social stability inside the country. Hundred thousands people die, acquire disability and become asocial persons annually while they might have remained competent workers, potential consumers of products manufactured by business, state and mass media.

The First International Conference “Raising Effectiveness of Social Advertising in Russia” can become the ground of expertise for the professionals in various spheres all striving to achieve one and the same goal – raising effectiveness of social advertising to help better solve social problems of the Russian society.

If you share our point of view, we invite you to take active part in and support the Conference.
Дистанционное образование