Preliminary sections’ program

Press Hall, 1st floor
Moderators: Guzella Nikolayshvili and Sergey Dolgov

The list of presenters (as of September 10, 2009):
  1. George Perlov, independent consultant with The Advertising Council (USA)
  2. David Сonyer, director (USA)
  3. Tatyana Rukavitsyna, Russian office of New York Film Academy
  4. Vyacheslav Chernyakhovsky, Councilor for the President of RACA. Report “Actual Campaigns: how to choose topics for social advertising”
  5. Igor Lutz, BBDO Moscow Creative Director
  6. Alexander Alekseev, Creative Councilor of ADV/web-engineering company
  7. Russian Orthodox Church (TV Channel Radonezh)
  8. Eriks Stendzenieks (!MOOZ, Latvia)
  9. Svetlana Maksimichenko, “Akzia Mass Media” Editor-in-Chief
  10. Konstantin Bocharsky, Journal “Firm’s Secret” Editor
  11. Ilya Petrov, chief copywriter of Red Keds. Report “Media technologies in social advertising”
  12. Natalia Gladkih, Grand Prix Agency General Director. Report “Online testing of social advertising”
  13. Anna Sviridova. Report “Social advertising and cinema”
  14. Agency of Social Information
  15. NPPR. Report by the leading advertising director "Problems and difficulties of working with social advertising topics"
Big Hall Lobby, area 1, 2nd floor
Moderator: Dmitry Korsakov

Reports and presenters:

Report titleShort descriptionPresenter
1Opening speechOn the structure of the section.
Overview of the legal spheres involved in creation and dissemination of social advertising.
2Social advertising in the light of advertising legislation
Problems and solutions.
The definition and the place of social advertising in the advertising law. What hinders activities of creation and dissemination of social advertising.
Review of changes in the legislation aimed to harmonize the legal regulation of social advertising.
Fedor Kravchenko
3Social advertising and taxesTax status of social advertising: earnings and VAT for advertisers and ads disseminators.
Comments regarding suggested changes of the tax legislation.
Dmitry Korsakov
4Problems of the law enforcement practice in regard to social advertisingPossible questions:
Advertising or social advertising? Limitations of social advertising.
Reference to sponsors in social advertising.
The necessity of participation of the federal antimonopoly service (FAS) in the social advertising placement relations.
FAS representative
5Practice of tax control of the social advertising distribution activitiesThe official statement of tax authorities regarding the consequences of free dissemination of social advertising (including governmental orders) for advertisers and mass media.
Tax implications of creation and distribution of social advertising at knock-down prices.
Tax Service representative
6Governmental orders in social advertisingConditions of creation and dissemination of social advertising by the initiative of the state. Forms of legal relations with the participants of the process.
The position of the state regarding paid-for distribution of social advertising.
Representative of the state bodies
7Social advertising in the view of NPOsProblems of NPOs with the making and placing social advertising in mass media.
Conditions of the placement.
Difficulties between NPOs and mass media.
WWF representative
8Social advertising in the view of mass mediaProblems of mass media with the dissemination of social advertising.
Approach of mass media to non-paid-for and paid-for social advertising.
It is planned to engage TV-Center professionals here
9Perspectives of the development of legislation in the sphere of social advertisingFinal word, possibly covering the points of different presenters.
How the author of the first law on social advertising sees the legal field of social advertising.
Possibilities to solve identified problems of NPO and mass media relations.


Small Hall, 1st floor (details to follow)
Moderator – Arkady Grigoriev

Big Hall Lobby, area 2, 2nd floor
Moderator – Vladimir Vainer
Theme blocks

1. Professional contests as an instrument of social advertising development
2. Amateur, topical and students’ contests
3. Educational events in the sphere of social advertising
4. Governmental tenders and competitions in the sphere of social advertising
5. Perspectives and difficulties of the development
6. Exhibition

1. Professional contests as an instrument of social advertising development

International advertisement festivals – review of strategies of social advertising development.

Presenters: official representatives of Clio Awards, London International Advertising Awards, BIAF AdStars, Cannes Lions, Kiev Advertising Festival, Moscow International Advertising Festival Red Apple, retrospective of the Festival WE.

2. Amateur, topical and students’ contests as a means of stimulation and support of social advertising

Presenters: Moscow Festival of Social Advertising, Republic of Karelia Contest of Social Advertising, Ivanovo Region Contest of Social Advertising, Vladimir City Contest of Social Advertising, Social Advertising Designer Works Competition in the sphere of corporate social responsibility, Contest Ekranizatsia 2.0 (Filming 2.0).

3. Educational events in the sphere of social advertising

Presenters: Organizers of creative campuses in Moscow and regions of Russia (ADCR campus, Gran Prix of Irkutsk Region campus, creative campus “Nizhny’s Future”)

4. Governmental tenders and competitions in the sphere of social advertising

Presenters: Representatives of state and municipal structures in charge of tender committees, advertisers, FAS representatives

5. The best practices of use of social advertising development instruments

These will be selected 2 weeks prior to the Conference start.

The section will feature the best social advertising works from the international festivals of Europe, USA, Asia and the Moscow Festival of Social Advertising.
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