Geography and target audience of the Conference

The Conference will be attended by the professionals from 23 regions of Russia. The information about conference results will be spread throughout Russia among experts dealing with the social advertising orders, development, production, dissemination and analysis.

Core audience of the Conference will be represented by the directors and employees of NPOs from the different spheres of activities such as: environmental protection, children rights protection, protection of cultural and historical heritage and others. They run active work in their regions and absolutely need such an instrument as social advertising to increase effectiveness of their activities and reach their organization’s objectives.

Representatives of the governmental structures in charge of social policy, who directly work with orders and dissemination of social products and develop laws for the social sphere, also plan to attend the Conference. It is important for them to learn professionals’ opinion about the barriers which detain effective development of social advertising. CEOs and top-manager of socially responsible businesses will share their experience how to support and organize projects in Russia. This event gives them an opportunity to discover new instruments for further social activities and new regional zones of influence.

The Conference will also be attended by editors of TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, journals and major informational Internet resources, senior students of the leading schools of Russia (Moscow State University, Russian State Social University, Higher School of Economics, Russian State University of the Humanities, etc.) and producers of social products (advertising agencies and production studios).

It’s crucial that the visitors include opinion leaders and possess big influence over the information space. Formation of values, attitudes and viewpoints of the Russian society depend on their work.
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